To you,

              G'day and welcome to my official website, so make yourself at home and I hope you enjoy your visit. This is my new site and I am working on this slowly so please be patient and all will be gradually worked out so it looks like I am going to have a bit of fun on here. It has taken a while because I have just recently plugged in to computer land.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Cheers from me,


This is where I am from and it is a big country although the town that I came from has only a relatively small population as has the population of this small but massive place called Australia. It is a big country with alot of everything like different weather depending on which part of the country you are in and along with that weather the different types of climate. If you are heading north which is to the top of the picture below then the weather will become more warmer until you reach the top of the land(down under) and you will experience tropical weather. I live down the bottom in the middle where it say's 'SA' and we get alot of average weather with a good rainfall in winter and then a good summer aswell.

Time seems to go so fast but is that really true? I think time always goes the same speed but we all grow old and sometimes it just seems like everything is going at a million miles an hour. Imagine if we lived to be a thousand years old or even had a lifespan of a million years then would time go as fast as what we think it does sometimes? I think as we go through our lives we must learn to appreciate what life has to offer and go out and to except that we are only here for a short time so we have to be happy and enjoy what life has to offer and to leave the earth on which we live to become better to those who will come after our visit here.


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